Round One: Favorite New Fall TV Shows

showWhile I know some  of you have yet to get to your TV shows on your DVR…let me help you out.

Top two best new shows:

The Goldbergs and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

(Of course this is just my opinion)

The Goldbergs is probably only funny to those who grew up in the 80’s. It’s a more family involved show than That 70’s Show and more about the eras creations than about following characters (like That 70’s Show).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is like a well crafted SNL skit that has actual substance for longevity. It’s like a mix between The Office and SNL, being a little over the top and unbelievable, but it makes you laugh, and that’s all that matters (I think).

I did checked out The Michael J. Fox show, and while it’s hard not to enjoy watching such a well-loved actor I found it highly uncomfortable. His Parkinson is incredibly noticeable and makes it almost sad to watch. Although I laughed hysterically at the “rolling chair” bit, I felt guilty.

The new show, Dads was…well…so-so, I can see the potential, but I don’t think it will reach the level of acting and writing quality to hold viewership for long, even with its well established cast members.

Of course there are many new shows starting this week! All looking to have some comical staying power based on the previews.

What are your thoughts on the first week of new fall TV shows?


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