tortilla 021Fall is my favorite time of year, over any other season.

I love the smells of fireplaces, and all the fragrant fall candles.

All the warm comfort foods, the yummy fall candy.

I gain the most inspiration during the fall season, as my mind simply comes alive with creative ideas.

And that leads to a major writing time for me.

What is your favorite season for sparking creativity in your writing?



  1. I don’t have a more productive season. For me, it depends on what’s going on internally. I do love fall, though, and associate it with new beginnings because of all those years of school–and because my birthday is in fall.

  2. The few times in my life that I fell in love were all in September… You think that’s why the call it FALL in love? 😉

  3. I think it depends where I’m living. Currently, fall is my favorite as the gnats, chiggers and mosquitoes go away and the air cools down a bit. Plus the colors from all the trees around me are magical. But in Africa, I’d say winter was the best, things cooled down but the weather never got cold nor the plants brown. That was my favorite time of year there.

  4. I love fall. It does refresh…cooler air and the school routines free more time to put pen to page. It’s also the last bit of sanity before the holidays hit with rehearsals and commitments.

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