Not Buzzworthy Anymore?

An LAX TSA agent was shot and killed Friday morning at the Los Angeles  airport in California. But did it appear on social media sites in everyone’s updates, no. On Monday Oct 21st a 12-year-old shot and killed a teacher, shot two school kids, and then killed himself in Nevada. Was that a popular post in social media, no.

On June 17, 1994, the car chase involving OJ Simpson was such a huge news story. I remember because the constant coverage meant that the two-hour block of comedy for kids and family, known as TGFI on ABC, was canceled.

On December 14, 2012 the school shooting in Connecticut was posted in nearly everyone’s social media status and coverage on the news ran endlessly even when updates where not available. Was the Colorado movie theater shooting only major news  because of the location? What about September’s shooting at the Navy yard? How quickly did that appear and disappear from the news verses earlier shootings. I only saw two postings through my social media connections, verses the Connecticut shooting.

It seems that the news of violence is no longer much talked about, only mentioned in a 5 minute update among other news. Have we as Americans grown used to these acts of violence and simply accepting them as common place amongst our daily lives?



  1. Interesting thoughts. “News” by definition is something new or unusual, so if it stops becoming “news” then we are in trouble.

  2. It is troubling to think that we could get used to hearing such things. Maybe it’s more a case of self-preservation. These stories come at us so often that maybe they’re just too much for us to handle, and so we don’t fully acknowledge them. Just a thought. An interesting topic for discussion, for sure.

    • Ruth, I do think that it might for sure be too much to handle among all the other items which happen in life on a daily basis. Possibly also the way media is constantly delivered to us and available to us compared to what is was ten years ago.

  3. I don’t know if we get used to it, or just develop ways of deflecting the sick feeling we get. I find that I am healthier on the days I don’t watch the news…

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