Why Writing Pro-Bono Literally Paid Off!

quoteWhen I started my writing journey I had read many articles from well established writers who insisted that writing for free should not be an option. Well, at first I listened, and submitted only to paying markets, then I decided that I wanted to see my stories out there. So I went against advice and started submitting to both paying and non-paying. I set up a schedule for my stories, first try paying then try non paying. This worked well, however, I started to feel like all that was being published was the non-paying acceptances. So I went back to submitting only to paying markets.

Then my smart bulb clicked on. What had gotten me this far was thinking outside of the box.

I had a piece accepted for knowonder! Magazine (paying) when I discovered I had story perfect for their non-fiction section. So I sent it (non-paying).  With the acceptance of the piece was an email asking me to join the knowonder! staff. In February of 2013 I joined and submitted many pieces for zero pay.

Child Genius Vol 1Because of my short stint with pro-bono work, I created a rapport with knowonder! As the company expanded I kept in contact with ideas, thoughts, and staff writing. And this week I have a wonderful book now available, Child Genius 101: The Ultimate Guide to Early Childhood Development.

My advice to writers: Explore writing from every angle because the future is wide open to possibilities.

* For those interested you can find out more about Child Genius 101 on Amazon, available in both paperback and Kindle editions.



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