Just Something About a Dog

100_1097I love my dogs…my kids. They bring joy to my life everyday. Yet I never thought I would be a dog person, nor would I grow to love an animal as much as I love my dogs. For blog followers of mine that have been around for the last four odd years you know that I have two dogs. Referred to on the blog as “Dog” and “Puppy” (Puppy later became “Awesome” because he was no longer a puppy).

While many people get warm and fuzzy feelings over baby pictures, I’m a sucker for puppy pictures.

That’s why this article I stumbled upon really moved me. And while many of you will probably see how much a toddler can love a puppy…I see how much love a puppy provides a human and how much love can be between animal and human.

Enjoy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2508490/Dog-tired-Mom-photographs-toddler-Beau-puppy-brother-Theos-daily-nap-ritual.html


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  1. What adorable baby & puppy pics! I also like how your dog is sitting in this photo- kind of a ‘dum-de-dum’ Eeyore-ish stance there, lol!

    1. “Awesome” is very peculiar in his sitting…even to this day lol.

  2. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for sharing that article. So heartwarming. So adorable.
    Love your picture of Dog and Awesome. We are a two-dog family as well. (And I never intended to be a dog person either 😉

    1. Nothing like cute dog pictures to make someone smile…even for those of us that never thought they would become dog people 😉

  3. jdewdropsofink says:

    How sweet!

  4. Well that just about killed me with cuteness! My own dog baby is currently rolling around on her back, looking totally insane. They are just amazing, aren’t they?

    1. Everyday my dogs remind me how amazing they are 🙂

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