Writing With Dogs

Every time I sit down to write, I am interrupted…by the sound of a toy dropping. I lean my head around my laptop and see Awesome sitting there, toy at his paws, staring at me. He looks at me as though, since I have finally sat down, that this is CLEARLY PLAY TIME. Of course Dog knows…well she is just too busy napping or enjoying the backyard to care about interrupting me to play. But then again, Awesome is always around to review my latest story 🙂 20131120_191026



  1. Cute dog. He’s got a great name that reminds me of some friends and their pets. They named their dog Askem, so every time anyone wanted to know the name of the dog and they gave it, well… you get the picture. Same with the cat. His name was Guess.

  2. Ah-ha! You’ve got helpers…
    We just rescued three kitties from a local shelter, and they took one look at their new digs and got busy re-arranging. This is my excuse for low productivity, any way.

  3. My dog requires his favourite napping music, either Mozart or soft Spanish guitar. If he sleeps, I get to have uninterrupted writing time. Sometimes he insists on taking over my blog, too.

    • Barb, Awesome used to require that I left cartoons on for him when I left for the grocery store. He would stay in his cornered off pen (during potty training time) and just sit and stare at the TV. He did take over my blog a lot as a puppy. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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