Attractive Women

Every few weeks something pops up in the media about the fallacy of magazine cover models and Photoshopped music videos. Even spending time with family during the holidays (sibling rivalry of beauty per-say).

I started to think if I felt this way, jealous and self-consensus about attractive women…of course I do! (BTW, it didn’t help that I was eating ice cream when the Victoria Secret commercial came on).

Many women compare themselves to other women. We blame it on men, but really many women feel competitive of other women. Sure we really want to look amazing for a man, but possibly also to outdo the other woman who might be in a man’s line of sight. As a woman we often want what we can’t have and if we get it, we want something else. A never satisfied deal for many of us. The whole blonde hair or brown hair debate, hair straight or curly.

But I’m here to tell you…it’s useless on every level!!!

First we (women) need to work on being less self-consensus around other beautiful women. We, in most cases cannot change how we look. We can eat healthy and exercise, but a lot of how attractive a woman looks has to do with things out of our control. Essentially it’s what we are born with (genes). Because of this it’s important to utilize our self-esteem and confidence in what we find attractive about ourselves.

The only way to fix how nasty and subconsciousness we feel around other beautiful women is by acceptance and self-confidence. (Not a simple process to practice.) Otherwise it continues to be an endless struggle to overcome that snip-it of hatred for the beautiful woman who enters a room.



  1. My grandmother always said, “Make use of what God gave you.” It covered all areas: brain, body, spirit, and the consumption of any leftovers in the fridge.

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