My Favorite Items

With only a few shopping weeks left before Christmas…it’s time to list my favorite items…I mean items you can actually afford (sorry Oprah).

20131204_2129221. Best deep conditioner – L’Oreal Deep Repair 5

2. Best dog shampoo – Espree, aloe oatmeal medicated shampoo20131204_212838

3. Better Homes and Gardens scented wax cubes (affordable and long lasting smell, I go through 3 tea-lights before I have to swap them out for two new wax cubes).

4. Baby oil and mouthwash (My English lab suffers from horrible allergies when the weather changes and will scratch his front legs nearly raw. This mixture of baby oil and original antiseptic (original flavor) mixed together stopped the itch and healed his wounds in about a week. I did monitor him to make sure he didn’t lick it off)

20131124_1010565. 20131203_180543Spectrum Organic Mayonnaise with Olive Oil (I am a huge Miracle Whip fan for BLT’s but this mayonnaise was all I could find during a late night grocery store run and I may never go back to Miracle Whip again)



  1. I will try the baby oil and mouthwash mix on my weenie dog this spring. His underbelly is so low that the grass does a number on it. Loved the list. Oprah should be jealous.

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