Social Media vs. Holiday Cards

20131205_183107 As soon as I decorate my place for Christmas I know holiday cards are soon to arrive. Yet over the last five years fewer cards arrive in the mailbox. Last year I believe I only received four physical Christmas cards. But over ten email Christmas letters, and three photo only mail with no family letter.

Has the reason for less Christmas cards, filled with updates of family and friends lessened because of postage rates/cost of cards on budgets? Or is it Facebook, Twitter, and blogs that have erased the need for the yearly update Christmas card?

I admit for me, I send about 5 Christmas cards out to specific people and the rest get an emailed Christmas letter (due to budget restrictions). I do hope to get back to old school Christmas cards.

What are your reasons for sending or not sending holiday cards?



  1. I sent cards this year for the first time in two years. I love Christmas cards. I save them. I have one group in particular from an elderly woman who used to travel the world. I have picture cards of her sitting on elephants in India, riding trains in France, and building a snowman in Sweden. She is long gone to her Maker, but I love looking at Alice’s adventures.

  2. I believe older people and the ones using less computers will more likely send Christmas cards by mail. I like to shop for cards! Really nice picture for this post! Is Ansel Adams the photographer? I own two from him.One is a black and white poster of an oak tree with branches covered with snow. Shot in Yosemite Park. Happy Holidays!

  3. I love Christmas cards. I send a bunch and love to get cards in return, which I proudly display and then save. Last night I used old cards when I tutored my two students learning English. I made sentences they had to read (“The dogs are pulling the sled.”) and they had to match them with the right Christmas card. I hope Christmas cards never die!

  4. I like photo cards, letters, or hand drawn cards best and those are the ones I save. For the past few years, when things get busy, I get to thinking maybe I’ll just send fancy emails, but in the end I send the real thing.

    • Hand written cards mean so much in this day and age don’t they Marcia 🙂 Today when I returned a phone call from a message left for me I got a very warm thank you. The lady went on to tell me that no one ever takes the time to make things personal anymore. I would assume this goes for Christmas cards as well.

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