3 Things I Learned This Week, Random Humor

3 Things I Learned This Week

20131123_171216Cookie dough wrapper desperately (“PLEASE”) warns ladies (come on we know it) not to eat raw cookie dough.

Only in Arizona do the electric freeway signs warn drivers “STORM, WET ROADS, DRIVE CAREFUL” (Just in case we were not aware of what was falling from the sky).

The best idea yet, to make sure my Christmas tree only has shatter-proof ornaments. I have dog tails whacking the tree constantly.


4 thoughts on “3 Things I Learned This Week”

  1. When my daughters were little, I would warn them to not eat the cookie dough because of salmonella. Their minds and ears could not understand the word, and they created their own version ‘eggula’ (egg-you-laa). To this day we warn each other about ‘eggula’ before we wack off the chocolate cookie dough for just one bite.


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