New Year…New Beginnings

Apples 016I know how cliché to say that a new year will have new beginnings. But for me it is very real. Every time the year comes to an end I often look back on the bad, not the good that has happened. But this year I was aware of this thought process and decided to change it. So in the final days leading up to the new year I reminded myself every time I started to think of the mistakes, issues, or downfalls I would stop my self and think of something good that happened. This was a challenge, not because I didn’t have positives to pull from but because my mind always drifted back to its old ways.

Everyone always asks, so what resolutions did you make? What are your goals? BUT….I want to ask what will you change to make 2014 better than 2013?

For me, I will change my thinking and be bold!

My BOLD thinking: I want to be to writing, what Ron Howard is to movies.



  1. My big goal is to be even more intentional in my writing….I have goals in place and I am sticking to it like Superglue. I am doing the final edit on my WIP in January while multitasking with the beginning of a new one. I like your BOLD thinking! What words would form the acronym for BOLD? Hmm….must ponder.

  2. “Everytime the year comes to an end, i look back on the bad not the good that has happened”. I am thinking the same way and i am trying to change that too but it’s easier said than done. I am working on that. Happy new year!

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