How to Make a Stay-cation Feel Like a Vacation

20140101_155646So you have time off work, but limited funds to travel. Here are a few tips to make your stay-cation feel like a real vacation.

First ask yourself where would you go for vacation if you could afford it? Paris? Boston? Hawaii?

What would you do at your destination? Sleep in? Go see sights? Eat out?

What is the weather like at your destination? Warm? Cold? Rainy?

Would you have internet? cellphone? television? Would you read magazines and books?20140101_140146

Make a list of all these items. (Don’t do laundry, run errands, or clean the bathroom). If the place you pick means no access to internet then make yourself a promise that you will not get on the web during your entire stay-cation. Hot weather location, turn up your heater a few degrees and dress in shorts and a t-shirt. Did you plan to go out to eat at your destination, then pick a few local restaurants you have not been to and enjoy some meals out. Visions of Paris? Close your curtains, turn on Pandora (locate cultural music from the area) and enjoy a new bottle of wine you have never tried.

The easiest way to make the vacation seem more real is to think like a kid again. Imagination is key. Speaking of key, how about a stay-cation to The Keys, pick up a key-lime pie and some Margarita mix!



  1. Sounds good. Oh how I look forward to my next staycation/vacation. I realize I do the things on staycation/vacation as I would do when working at home ~ I read, I drink coffee, I write and I sometimes sketch/paint. The only things I don’t have to worry about is teaching, and the other financial stress. Oh and another difference, I tend to roam the streets more on my vacations. 🙂

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