Appreciation Monday

20140125_152353I am appreciative of my bed with comfy pillows and soft warm blankets. Nothing like knowing you have someplace warm, safe, and comfortable to sleep.

AND our winner of the caption contest is………….Marcia Strykowski for “One, Two, Three, Cheese!” I felt this captured the three different subtle changes in B’s face best. Thank you for all that entered! Marcia I will be emailing you shorting for your address. 20140125_083646


  1. Hi, Savannah! Thought I’d drop by and thank you for including Wildflowers in your giveaway. You’ve been such a dedicated blogger these days and I’m grateful to be part of your postings.

    With that said, congratulations to Marcia for winning! Marcia, I hope you enjoy both books and maybe even share with others when you’ve finished reading them. As for you, I took a moment to visit your website ( and I wish you the best with your books, Call Me Amy and Amy’s Choice. Next time I’m on Goodreads, I’m adding both to my To Read list. I have quite a lot of writing to do the next few months, but I’ll get back to reading soon and check yours out.

    Thanks again, Savannah, and Happy Reading, Marcia!

  2. Thank you, Rhonda! I’m looking forward to reading both books and yes, I’ll spread the word when I’m done. Amy’s Choice will probably be on GoodReads within the next few weeks (not released yet) but Call Me Amy is on there. Thanks so much for adding them to your list! 🙂

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