Appreciation Monday

20140201_152531-1I was very happy to receive a last minute invite for a short road trip and visit with my wonderful uncles this weekend. One uncle I had not seen since roughly 2004. I must admit I was feeling, and have been feeling incredibly stressed/depressed/confused in these last few weeks. My other uncle spent his time introducing me to friends of his as his “niece the author.” In addition this lovely and warm visit provided me with familiar accents of “beg” (bag), “pop” (soda), and a nice comment of “you talk like your mom.”

20140130_190838I also received a gift in the mail from my dear friend Viv, whom is one of the most talented artists ever (in my book). We actually met through social media (Facebook) many years ago when I recognized one of her drawing from a building that was in a movie. Our friendship has remained strong and we are lucky enough to get together at least once a year when she is in town. Her friendship, although we both live in different states, remains a very big support for me in life. And even though her friendship is more than enough the family portrait she did for me is one of the best gifts I have ever received.

So this Monday I am reminded of the appreciation I have for my family and friends regardless of time and space.

*If you want to check out my friend Vivian’s work click here for her website.



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