Cultural Intrigue

20140129_180635-1As a child I would cry over not being able to figure out how to use chopsticks. For years I have been saying I need to learn. And while I was doing research for Child Genius 101 I stumbled upon a how to video for kids on You Tube. Again I said I need to go back to this later. Then upon two acceptances from a magazine overseas I decided it finally try. I made the time, and learned how to eat with chopsticks! (Okay so I had to leave the child like assistance still attached to do it haha)

I should mention too that I have been engrossed in a series on Netflix ~ Wild China. Not only have I been learning a great deal but also very intrigued by the Chinese culture. This is nothing new, my fascination of other cultures/beliefs/religions/landscapes has been there since my childhood days.

I love the ability to embrace my cultural intrigue through shows, food, home decor (thanks TJ Maxx). Of course the ultimate embrace will be the future opportunities to travel to all these different places.


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