Appreciation Monday

Washington 073I have not written in weeks. I’ve fallen behind in my master’s degree work and even at work. I have been unable to focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. I’ve struggled to get up in the morning and going to bed at night only lasts for a while before insomnia kicks in. I’ve eaten so much sugar that I think I became diabetic in the last week. I have a great deal of things to get done on my daily list and I find myself staring off into space or simply wandering for hours instead. I have purchased lavender candles, lavender oil, lavender lotion, and lavender room-spray with the hopes of it relaxing me.

So why all this on Appreciation Monday?

Because I am still trying, still strong, still looking for answers within, still grateful, still thankful, still dreaming, still believing, still aware that I can and will…

Appreciative of myself.



  1. Hang in there, Savannah! Your appreciative attitude will take you far. I often have insomnia, too–a horrible curse–and I can relate to the too much sugar and too little time. With so much on your schedule, maybe it would help to break it up, chip away at small sections, rather than seeing the whole agenda spreading out before you. It’s so easy to be too hard on ourselves in this fast-paced world. I read recently of a very popular writer who writes no more than an hour a day–made me feel better, even though most days I’m lucky to do that. πŸ™‚

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