Appreciation Monday

20140217_101845I’m not one for fashion. Yoga pants and v-neck tee shirts make me excited. But I am all about the fashion of nail polish.

I can put on a new color and instantly feel beautiful and in a better mood.

I haven’t been a girl who grew up with nail polish. I had to earn it. The first time I got to wear it was when I was about 10 years old, and only after I had done several extra chores. I picked red and my father was beyond upset saying that red was for…well let’s just say for un-lady like girls. Of course I had to watch my behavior because if I got in trouble I would have the bottle taken away and be forced to remove the nail polish until my punishment was over.

I rarely, if ever have gone to a salon to get my nails done. I quickly was able to paint both my left and right nails, which as many know painting with your non-dominant hand can be a challenge. And as a teen I was always the one asked to do my friend’s nails.

I am appreciative of nail polish and being able to paint my nails anytime I want 🙂


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