Appreciation Monday

I really enjoy cooking, even after a long day. I enjoy fresh foods and making as much from scratch as possible. I am appreciative of my ever growing cooking skills (I used to only experiment in the baking department). In an ever quick, easy, unhealthy go-go-go society with To-Go meals everywhere….I am appreciative of my homemade meals.



  1. I need to get better in cooking healthy homemade meals. It leads to making potential savings but more importantly it makes housekeeping tasks more even in a couple and that in turn can bring more harmony and happiness. Also, every men should develop the skills to make minor home repairs. I have a real life experiences to support this. Dusting and passing the vacuum, nothing technical here, just have to do it! Finally, i believe men don’t usually like to do the laundry but it really isn’t complicated to learn, i have done it myself so it sure isn’t complicated (no no not always, it depends on the type of clothes i know, half serious here).

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