Chicken and Goat Cheese Sandwich

20140225_170905Since my appreciation Monday was about cooking, I figured what a good time to share with my readers my delicious chicken and goat cheese sandwich recipe. Yummy and healthy!

2 slices of bread (I love sourdough for this sandwich) lightly toasted

enough goat cheese for spreading as you would normally add for a condiment such as mayonnaise

handful of spinach or cilantro (or a little of both if you like)

2 chicken tenders cooked and largely shredded

2 large slices of tomatoes  20140127_173110-1

Throw the ingredients together as you would any sandwich. I personally like to put the cooked chicken on last, while it’s still warm, so it warms up the goat cheese just a bit.



  1. It is often said that tastes cannot be disputed; goat cheese is not my favorite. Cheddar or mozzarella with mayonnaise would be my picks. How is sourdough different from regular bread? We often buy bread with nuts and grapes or cranberry and nuts (round loafs) from a nearby handmade bakery. It makes for a thicker and more nourishing bread. What is your favorite dish? It’s a bit difficult for me to say, but cheese fondue or raclette are usually good choices.

    • I used to HATE goat cheese Pierre haha. But for some reason when you get it slightly warm and add tomatoes it just tastes so yummy. I do love mozzarella. Sourdough has a bit of a sour taste to it almost, very soft bread, it is my favorite bread by far. Americans are not really into the bread with nuts or fruit,and I rarely see any of those kinds at the store. I know it’s popular in other countries. I have never had cheese fondue or heard of raclette. I would say a really delicious pizza would be my favorite dish or a good spaghetti with yummy bread.

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