3 Things I Learned This Week

There is a store that I never knew existed. I drove past and was…intrigued by their sign ~ “Hair Salon and Videos”

Sometimes a cat will sneak into your garage, be prepared

I was informed that one needs a wheelchair license to self-propel themselves in their wheelchair. Or at least that was what I was told by a gentleman



  1. So I wonder what the deal is with the hair salon and videos. Do they tape your haircut for posterity or for legal reasons? Or maybe while they are cutting a patron’s hair, old DVD episodes of What Not to Wear can be viewed?

    • I wish I had gotten a picture of the store front, but the light turned green too quick. Maybe you start watching a movie of your choice and then you rent it to watch the rest when you get home?

  2. I have known for 15 years a person who is confined to a wheel chair and i have never heard of such regulations, in Canada anyways. If true, this law seems unfounded. When wheeling, what harm can they cause to others? I presume handicapped are taught techniques during physical readaptation (getting off and on their chair, techniques to self-propel themselves,…) Hair Salon and Videos, intriguing, that should be investigated! Strange business association.

    • This gentleman was joking during our meeting, there is no such thing as a wheelchair licenses but he felt he needed one as a joke. And seeing how some drive them maybe there needs to be one LOL.

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