Appreciation Monday

I am appreciative of my washer and dryer. Don’t laugh it’s true. My mom used to hang dry all of her laundry when I was a child. Well her nursing assistant would hang the wet clothing from the washing machine during my mom’s naps. I always loved the idea of a clothes line, my grandma and grandpa had one in their backyard in Minnesota. Of course I didn’t realize when they come off the line they are not soft at all, at least not in California air. My mom’s clothing line hung on the side of the house near the lemon and lime trees. I’m not sure if I will ever line dry my clothing as there are often some interesting odors that make their way into the backyard. I love that I can wear something, make a mess and in two hours be wearing it completely clean again. Saving me so much time over what I am sure was a long and tiring task of hand-washing and line drying clothing in the past.



  1. Have you considered the use of a drying rack for indoors? Humm, what kind of interesting odors are you referring to?

    • Due to all the dog hair that sticks to clothes I really have to use a dryer to get rid of it as well as the water here is very hard so clothes are too stiff if you line dry them. There are some fast-food restaurant chains nearby that have smells that easily travel into my backyard.

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