Appreciation Monday

20140316_131528Appreciation: Literacy

Growing up I hated reading, most likely because I was awful at it. Most likely because I couldn’t read much of anything. I hated when the teacher called on me to read aloud because I knew so few words. Over time I became really good at finding ways to get out of being called on to read aloud. I would start coughing, disappear to use the restroom, or raise my hand to read when I knew the sentence had words I knew, preventing the teacher from being able to pick me a second time.

I will spare you the details of what I did and what happened to get me to the point I am today. FAST FORWARD…

Now I love to read! AND I’m an author. Something I never imagined as a child, sitting there doing everything possible to keep from having to read, that I would be today.

* FUN FACT * Child Genius 101 was originally titled Literacy From Birth by my publisher until a last minute change.



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