What is Your Work Worth?

As an artist, a creator, a writer what is your finished product worth to you?

Is it about the paycheck?

The recognition?

The adventure/process?

Simply sharing/touching another?

When you write a piece do you do it with a goal in mind? And what goal are you typically leaning towards?

I wrote a piece many years ago. It was really my very first sci-fi/fantasy type story I had ever created for adults. I held onto it for many years adding a sentence or two here and there. What was a mere 300 some words worth anyways? Well, I stumbled upon a new magazine called Fantasy Scroll Mag. Could I get published and paid for a story so played around with over the years that I never saw as publishable?

Fantasy Scroll Mag is currently doing a kick-starter campaign. Even though they are new, and I’m being slightly bias because they accepted my 300 word little story, I have been really impressed by their mission to authors and readers. Their quality in which they are putting forth in this magazine from the start proves that they respect us writers and their future readers. You can learn more about the “Kickstarter Campaign for Fantasy Scroll Mag here.”

Turns out your work is worth something if you keep looking 😉



  1. If we are honest, most of us would answer- all of the above. But we have priorities. My first motivation is to share myself and what I have learned. My second is the process- what I am learning now. After that all the rest figure in, and the order importance changes every day.
    Congratulations on having your story accepted. Every bit counts, and this is a validation of your writing.

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