80’s Girls Fun!

I simply had to post this link for all us 80’s girls. So many great memories of toys back then. Wishing the world had never changed. (Added my comments below the link) Please share yours too! 🙂


1. Yes I remember, 2. 3. 4. 5. Yes.

6. No way, my father would never have let me spray that.

7. I remember this and think I had it.

8. WHO?

9. and 10. Had to have as many as possible

11. Yes

12. I think I finally parted with my last one a few years ago, loved those.

13. What is that?!

14. Yes

15. Never knew there was a cereal.

16. Yes, and yes and yes! It was impossible to get those though and think I only had 2

17. Yes, even got my name on the little gold plate

18. No! Hated watches then and now

19. Everyone had one BUT me!

20. YES

22. Nope

23. YES!!!

24. I could barely read until around 4th grade so I was never reading these books. (I was into Boxcar Children much later than the rest of the reading world and when most were on Sweet Valley High books).

25. Nope

26. Nope

27. Never had one, don’t think I ever wanted one. Even at a young age I didn’t want to read directions or cook things with a light bulb.

28. No! This thing scared me.

29. Nope, I was never into her style.

30. Punky scared me, I felt the show was dark and I always watched it because my father thought it had important lessons but I had nightmares from it.

31. What are those???

32. OMG I begged and begged and begged for a pair but was always told no, that they are bad for your feet and have no support.

33. no

34. I wasn’t up on all the hot guy stuff as I wasn’t allowed much TV or movies at the time. I know who he is now, but could never have told you back then.

35. Nope, 36. nope

37. nope, that was considered make-up and not allowed.

38. Yes I had at least 3!

39. No! Wasn’t allowed to talk on the phone much and if I was no one ever called. I was not a chatty phone kid. I was an outcast for sure.







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