Appreciation Monday

Remote controls are a marvelous invention. Don’t get me wrong there are many inventions that have eased all of our lives over the centuries, but the remote is really something that aids in relaxation. Now I know that there are remote controls for everything from flame-less candles to car stereos. But the TV remote control just makes life relaxing and easy. Can you imagine trying to find something to watch with all the channels of programs most people have now-a-days by turning a dial next to the screen? I guess one could say if we remained at the same level of options for TV broadcasts it wouldn’t be a big deal. But we haven’t and now we can do more and more on our TVs than just watch TV. Of course it still doesn’t fix the laziest of us that we will watch whatever is on because the remote is lost between the cushions or we can’t lean to reach for it. I’m appreciate for my TV remote.


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