House Hunting

Reminder…the dishwasher works best…farthest from the sink…and on the other side of the stove. Really?

Those house hunting shows make it seem so fun. A half hour and three places later, easy pick.

That of course is not the case.

It’s a hurry quick this place just listed and it looks great.

It’s maybe this place looks better in person.

It’s I can try to make this work if I close one eye.

It’s I didn’t make it in time, got beat out by another.

It’s too much, it’s too wrecked, it’s too small, it’s too big.

It’s luck, it’s skill, it’s faith.

It’s discovery of how others live, and the fun and beauty of old houses.





One Comment Add yours

  1. Pierre says:

    Congratulations, i am really happy for you. “i can try to make this work if i close one eye ” funniest line!!

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