Appreciation Monday

"B's" puppy-blanket, my first handmade quilt - made 2009
“B’s” puppy-blanket, my first handmade/hand-stitched quilt – made 2009

Even though I’ve been busy, reflection has snuck itself into every other minute of my life over the last month or so. I don’t often take the time to reflect for one reason or another. For some reason the picture of a quilt hanging from a clothes line on Instagram made me pause and reflect more so than ever.
I’m on odd duck; I love and hate change at the same time. I’ve been very blessed and fortunate within my life regardless of the copious amounts of complaining I do.
The place I’d been renting for nearly four years provided me with such beautiful backyard oasis I hate to leave. My dogs and I have found great comfort there, almost as if we are in our own little sanctuary.
The new place I’m moving to can be created into anything that I want because it’s mine. What a powerful concept to know? ANYTHING. Power can be wonderful and frightening and often times, at least for me, I let the fear part of it take over which causes me to over think and rush things, instead of taking the time to simple reflect and be in the moment of such change.
Reflection, as I’m realizing, is a needed key component for me in life. I’m grateful for the chance to have more changes that allow me to take the time I need to reflect.

I am appreciative of having the time to reflect and understanding its importance in my life.



  1. Well said, it reflects my way of thinking also. I realized that when i rushed some decisions, i was more prone to making errors. I decided to let things fall into place by themselves, it’s got to feel right. You also express gratitude and that’s important.

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