Disappointing Cadillac Commercial

The Cadillac commercial that first aired during the Oscars in March intrigued me greatly. I had all but forgotten about it…for a while.

At first I was thinking that the actor’s lines were correct. We work hard for things while other countries hit cafes on the way home and take an entire month off. Then the actor states Americans are dreamers and are willing to only take a few weeks off (instead of a month) to have all these lavish items (large house in the Hollywood hills, sparkling pool, interior design decor)because we are dreamers….WHAT?!?!

This commercial just makes us look greedy and only caring about items over others and relaxation. This idea of America upsets me. Not the dreaming part, but thinking that we all dream of mansions, electric cars, and gallery sculptures in our homes.

That is not my American dream!

Here is the commercial that aired. Your thoughts?


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