Appreciation Monday

feets of fire 1-2013I am soaking up my last week at my current rental. While I am headed for such “new” “wonderfulness,” I am leaving a few memories behind. Some memories are unpleasant, some are happy, some are heartwarming, some I want to forget and some I never want to nor will I forget. The nice memories are causing me sadness to leave.  20140528_194013

I have been very lucky to be able to stay in such a nice place. My most fond memories and such a wonderful reason to be appreciative are for a few fun times in the pool, watching a few monsoons roll through, feet up at the fireplace, candles on the mantel, room to play ball inside with the dogs, amazing sunsets, and a neighborhood that mirrors the best Christmas warmth from classic movies. 20140503_163453-1

20131201_173424I am appreciative for the ability to stay during a grand time of change, and I’m appreciative to be able to leave.



  1. I recognize myself in your moving adventure. I want to share mine. Thanks for sharing yours. I left my previous apartment January the 8th and moved in my one in May, so it is fairly new. Since that January departure, each day i recall the good times spent with people I loved and the peace and quietness of the countryside.The kindness of the people made it feel like paradise, i miss this the most, that’s a lot i know but it’s hardly exaggerated. I have a few bad memories but the good ones greatly outweigh the bad ones, which make it even more difficult to forget. I am in a grieving process. I am hoping to be able to create new authentic and nourishing relationships, i think it is the key to happiness and adaptation.

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