Things I Learned This Week – Costco Edition

Costco shopping is a team effort.

Only single people go in, don’t grab a cart and leave with only one item.

Your team can consist of your spouse, your partner, your parent, your roommate, or other family.

Going in as “single” only leads to struggles and embarrassment.

You need one team member to hold the cart while the other team member lifts the object into the cart. This keeps the cart from moving as you slide/push items on it, or lift items over the rail.

You need one team member to walk in front of the cart, while the other pushes the cart. This prevents the items from sliding off the bottom of the cart, flipping over and causing the entire parking lot of customers to stare at you as you try and get the fallen objects back onto the cart a second time.


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  1. mirkabreen says:

    Makes me wonder why I go there… That double tub of Almond butter better be good until 2016.

    1. It better! Along with using all 6 tubes of toothpaste before they go bad.

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