Big to Small

I recently moved from a house with 2,100 square feet to 960 square feet. The things I was most worried about actually turned out to be the least of my worries. One was of my home being  “too small.”

I watched Tiny:  A Story About Living Small (available on streaming Netflix) over the weekend and it really got me thinking. The story they followed brought up some incredible thought provoking…thoughts. We have become a society or maybe we always have been a society (in the United States) that boast BIGGER IS BETTER, MORE IS BETTER! Anyone with a small area and little amounts of objects/things is less of an accomplishment. Small is not looked at as a success, it’s looked at as a failure.

I feel that if I was still in the “mansion” of 2,100 square feet I would not fully understand it as I do now.

I enjoy my so called small home…I enjoy it more and more each day. At times it almost seems too big!

While I am fairly certain that I wouldn’t enjoy a 100 square foot house I can understand the appreciation these people had for theirs.

I highly recommend others watch Tiny, it gets you thinking, even if you don’t live some place small, how important it is to be happy and not consumed by society’s view of what is happiness.



  1. The following are two transcripts of the interview Dee Williams had with Merete and Christopher. The interview can be found on the DVD. Food for thought.

    “….So much of home is a feeling a sense of belonging and feeling a sense of placement. For me it has less to do than being protected from the rain although I really appreciate that, it has less to do with the geography of a house and more to do with the geography of my heart and geography of my neighborhood and those kinds of relationships…”

    “….I think a lot of people feel at home simply by being inside their skin for the first time in a whole day so they leave in the morning they go to work in this other person in some ways and when they come back to their apartment or their house or wherever it is that they live it’s like they get to put their own skin back on you know they’re not at home it their body for most of the day and I think that kind of shift that people make from the moment they get up in the morning and they get out into the world and do something for their vocation or go to school or whatever it is they do and returning at the end of the day the fact that you know they have to become something that they’re not is at the root of all kinds of problems for themselves and for our fragile little world you know and I think in part that was something was hoping would happen by getting rid of all my stuff is that I could quit my job if i needed to quit my job or if I wanted to quit my job and i could start to be Dee Williams from the moment I woke up to the time I went to bed at night and then maybe i would feel a little calmer in the world I would feel a little more at home in the world whatever it was i was doing…”

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