Soccer….okay, okay Futbol

I watched soccer, I mean….Futbol for the first time. (The World Cup as been a hot topic this year). I found myself rather intrigued by it all. But I have a few comments.

  • First I’m not trying to figure out the rules. I already know football, baseball and NASCAR rules…I don’t need to figure Futbol out too.
  • The clock counts up…is that so we know how much of life we have wasted watching it?
  • These guys have talent. I struggle to kick a ball standing still, let alone running…with people around.
  • All I kept thinking was they need sunglasses and hats, how can they see with all that bright sun. Then I thought skin cancer. And all that head-butting the ball…concussions.
  • But lastly, what is with the players holding hands to bring random children onto the field?

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