Appreciation Monday

mammatus clouds overhead yesterday evening
mammatus clouds overhead yesterday evening

I guess washing my dogs Thursday afternoon sent the same signal to the weather as washing a car does.

The first dust storm came slowly rolling through Thursday evening just as the sun was setting. After everything was blown around and covered in thick dust, rain started to fall.

Growing up in California the only weather I knew of was sunshine, a few cloudy days and being forced to have recess inside if it rained. Earthquakes were the only real excitement. When I moved to Washington I discovered that recess isn’t called inside when it rains because we would never be outside…EVER!

But moving to Arizona has been so much fun when it comes to weather.

Rain is an exciting time, dust storms are amazing to watch, lightning is fun to view while you sit on the patio.

I am appreciative for fun weather to watch!




  1. Dust storms are no fun. When I lived in Oklahoma in the 80’s, we had walls of red dirt move in twice…suffocating! And dust everywhere….I can’t image the horror of the Dust Bowl days.

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