How To Get The Bookcase You Want

Thinking outside the box can provide your home with things that you want, but may, for some reason or another, not been 20140727_085657able to get.

I needed to get a bookcase recently due to my move. My car is small and I had a set budget in mind. So how did I go about getting a 6ft bookcase with adjustable shelves??
ess1406409359515First, I checked for bookcases styles. I had several options  (IKEA bookcases were too big or not big enough plus a drive to get to their store).
Second, I checked prices and styles online. I knew that real wood would provide both transportation and budget issues. But I wanted something that looked near real wood if possible.
Third, I checked out my narrowed down options in person. Target, my last stop, happened to have just what I wanted…and on clearance.
I picked matching bookcases (2x) that offered adjustable shelves (something the tall bookcases rarely offered at my budget). Also making sure once one was upside down it would like “meant to be.”20140727_085733
I was able to lift both boxes into the cart and later unload into my tiny trunk. *a very nice Target employee loaded them for me*
20140727_085717Fourth, I assembled the two bookcases separately. Then carefully sawed off the legs of one. (This piece would go upside down). Then I flipped the sawed off legs bookcase over and upside down onto of my right side up bookcase. I secured the two pieces in the back first (3 places). *They shift slightly when tighten screws so with each turn near the end make sure they are lined up how you want them. I then screwed (where the top and top now sit together) two screws into the inverted top to fully secure them. *Once the screws are almost in the bookcase will start to separate, keep screwing and it will lower back down as it becomes flush. Make sure you have the right size screws! And beware of placement because you will see them unless covered by books.20140727_090301


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