No Advice, No Wisdom…No 800 Numbers

I was nine years old when my father dragged me to see “Dead Poets Society.” I hated it. I fell asleep several times too.

I don’t remember my age, but my mom let me watch parts of “Good Morning Vietnam.” I didn’t understand the movie, yet I know that it made my mom laugh so hard she cried.​

When the news broke on Monday evening those were my first thoughts. I had a nice rambling post planned but after reading over it decided who was I to speak of all of this. I don’t know any more than most when it comes to mental illness. I will say that in our society things only become flooded into social media (suddenly we all become experts giving out hotline numbers and symptom lists) when it happens to something cute, someone popular, someone rich or super poor, or involves racism. Mental health issues take people’s lives daily. (I had a cousin that committed suicide.) I am sure we can all name someone we know.

I don’t have any solid words of advice, or words of wisdom. I did want to share a recent article from The Atlantic about the connection between creative people and mental health. Which, although long, I found to be rather interesting.

“He could make everybody happy but himself.” – Garry Marshall on Robin Williams


  1. I like the quote by Garry Marshall. My oldest daughter is plagued by depression. I started to use the words ‘suffers from’, but plagued really shows how hard it is….it’s a thorn that can not be removed.

    • I thought that Garry Marshall’s words were the best fit from all the celebrity comments. Depression is a “strong holder” on individuals with that dx. There are no words, just like when someone passes…the words “sorry” is so often said but means nothing to the receiver.

  2. It’s the iconic “crying clown” that has so rattled us with Williams’ death. You hit the nail on the head.

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