Healthy Tip for the Weekend

20140802_132358I’ve recently jumped on the coconut  oil bandwagon to replace all butter. Yet not all coconut oils are the same.

A few things to keep in mind that I have realized.

Some coconut oil is not the best over other coconut oil because the coconut flavor is too strong.

I find Spectrum Coconut Oil is the best for adding to baked potatoes and other food items you would normally top with butter. Nature’s Way Coconut Oil has a mild coconut flavor and works better for baked goods and for those that use it to soak their damaged hair in.

If you are not thinking you cannot handle the switch from butter to coconut oil try removing butter from your cooking. Most recipes with the exception of baked goods work just as well without butter. *I have a cheese enchilada recipe that calls for 1/4 cup of butter, and I started to omit it from the recipe over 2 years ago and never noticed a taste difference.

I know that coconut oil is slightly more money than butter so stock up (store in your frig) when you see a sale.



  1. Rainy chilly 4th of july. The husband is working & I am surfing the internet, reading some of your writings. Have you ever heard of Dave Asprey? Founder of Bullet Proof Diet/ Bullet Proof coffee. I eat Grass fed butter by the bars. My daughter & her family do too. Grass fed butter is actually a healthy fat. Feeds the brain & the body. Coconut oil also very healthy. Refined or Unrefined. One will give you a stronger coconut flavor. I use Kerry Gold, grass fed butter, the salted version. I use in it my coffee everyone. I don’t use cream or sugar. I put more than 2 heaping tablespoons into the blender, along with Cacao Butter (organic) blend on high for a min or two. Gets very frothy like cream. Than I add Dave Asprey’s Brain Octane Oil along with a little bit of crushed Vanilla beans from his source too. I use Grass fed butter daily. I have blood work up done every 6 months. Cholesterol has actually gone down. I never use to think butter was good for you either. I think it depends on what kind & what source.

    • Oh I hope we at least get a monsoon coming through today! We had a lot of rainy 4th in Washington, maybe every 4th haha. Thanks for checking out some of my older posts. I have not heard of Dave Asprey. I have seen the Kerry Gold butter in the stores though. I take my coffee black most mornings, although with the heat it makes it hard to drink it hot. I will have to look into his stuff. I use so little butter in my life, I don’t even butter my bread, if I have bread, who am I kidding, of course I have bread, I have carb issues haha. I don’t have anything check health wise on me unless suggested so I haven’t had that checked, my blood pressure is always way below the recommended level, maybe that is why.

      • I have carb issues too! I always have the bread. 🙂 I never used butter before until I read Dave Asprey’s stuff then after trying the KerryGold I was hooked. His brain Octane is 18 X stronger than coconut oil, I use both daily. I use it every morning. He’s also on instagram, but look him up. I think you will appreciate some of his things. My daughter found him & I really like how he thinks. Organic, talks about brain training on people/ kids instead of using drugs. Jessie is looking into that for Lewis. He’s just a handful. Just lots of good healthy info I think. You can keep the rain! lol

  2. I use Kerry Gold grass fed butter in my meats, vegetables, eggs, tea, coffee. Sometimes I use it as dip. I do use it daily. I even have a connoction that I use to give me some chocolate treats without any sugar. I use almond butter, a whole jar along with an equal amount of coconut oil, refined so it doesn’t have coconut flavor, bullet proof chocolate powder, a couple heaping T., grass fed butter, Lilly’s sugar free choc chips & Macadamia nuts. Mix all together, keep in fridg. Eat by the spoon full when you are wanting a choc treat.

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