The 7 Day Poetry Challenge

I have been really getting into poetry more and more over the years. Free verse to be exact. (There are 33 types/forms of poetry). So I thought with my current schedule, since I have very limited time to work on a full manuscript, that this would be a great idea.

The 7 Day Poetry Challenge


How it will work, starting today I encourage all my readers to write one poem a day in any style you wish. What is great about this is that poetry works well for writers of all genres and age groups. For children’s writers you can create an outline for a future children’s manuscript. For adult writers you can create poetry for the adult market. The best is that you can even use it to assist in the development of your characters. (Your character could write the poem). The requirements for this poetry challenge are that it be something new (not a piece you have shoved in a drawer or saved on a file) and at least four lines long. Essentially you must write at least four sentences each day for 7 days. Easy!!!

To help, I will post a photo prompt each day from today (Wednesday) through Tuesday (September 2nd) on my Twitter account. Please find today’s DAY 1 photo here as well to help you get started, then join me for the rest of the days at

authorsavannah – Twitter

On Wednesday of next week I will provide you with the stats on how I did, and I hope to hear how others did. I hope you all join me 🙂



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