Appreciation Monday

20140913_130033It was not until they went up (thanks to a handsome man) that I realized how the little things really do matter to me.

Knowing they do is nothing new, yet once they happen I am even more aware of how much they mean to me.

Before I moved out of my father’s house, 15 yrs ago, I had been clipping design ideas.

Once I moved out I was sorely mistaken that I would get to have what I wanted.20140913_133047

It has taken far to long to get something as simple as curtains that I want, as anything small was never “allowed” and places were not mine.

There was a 6-8 month time period when I got a few things that I wanted and life was good. Times like that were short lived.

But that doesn’t matter now, even if anger pops into my head, questions and trying to find reasons why I was naive still linger.

I will focus more-so everyday on the present and the future. And today I will appreciate my lovely and heart-warming curtains that make me feel good about many things.


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