Appreciation Monday

Screenshot_2014-10-19-16-04-43-1This fall has surely been one of the biggest years for fall themed food items. (The last few years were just a start to what we have today). One can find pumpkin spice in everything from ice cream to popcorn to drinks. Candy corn flavored items are also popping up. It is really amazing how much “crap” it is available in. We have to try it all…right?!? Either way I find it all very festive and helps focus on fall before Christmas, as oppose to Easter decor than Christmas.

***And now for a sugar intervention



  1. I just found pumpkin and pecan intent oatmeal packs at Trader Joes! I love pumpkin in just about anything. Candy corn now…not so much. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a candy corn cereal coming up…

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