Appreciation Monday

20141025_200811-1I have not handed out Halloween candy since 2007.

Year after year I spent money I didn’t have to feed neighborhood kids.

I got up and answered the doorbell at every ring.

I locked up my dog who freaked each time the bell rang and she heard noises of kid voices.

But why I stopped was because kids were growing more rude as the years past.

I got less and less THANK YOU and more complaints that the candy wasn’t to their liking, or not big enough.

I am appreciative that I can hide out in my house with the lights out and NOT hand out candy for Halloween.


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  1. jdewdropsofink says:

    Thanks for the reminder to help me remind my kids to express their gratitude. I don’t want them taking things for granted.

    1. I know not all kids are ungrateful, it seems that so many are now-a-days.

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