Changing Times ~ Dog Parents

It is becoming more socially acceptable for families to consist of fur four-legged babies than babies with fingers and toes. (Birth rates have dropped by 10% in America). More so, small dogs are the most popular selling breed on the rise.

Take Instagram for example is overflowing with dog accounts, which might have seen a huge rise with the popularity of Theo and Beau.

As we know dog adoption ($100)  is easier and cheaper than baby adoption ($10,000 plus). The argument for dogs over children has caused stories in The Huffington Post among other sites. Simply typing in DOGS OVER KIDS gives you endless positives. Car stickers for families have evolved from stick-figures human families to dog stick-figure families. Car magnets blasting out that their dogs are smarter than other’s children, and the list goes on.

It costs the average family $245,000 to raise a kid from birth to age 18.

It costs the average family $5,000 – 40,000 to raise a dog from 8 weeks to 14 years old.

Maybe next they will put out a book on how to tell the grandparents the only grand-kids they will have will be covered in fur.


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