Appreciation Monday

20141109_183054-1I love schedules!

They make me giddy!

When the cable company says they will come between 10am-3pm and show up at 9:45 I get pissed. Sure they are early but it’s not 10am.

While many like to live without a schedule, I am not one of them. I crave structure…to a point.

I attended the SCBWI-AZ conference this weekend and the importance of a schedule was mentioned for writers. I don’t like the “from 6-7 I will write. That doesn’t work, it feels forced. I have no issues with “once you finish this” or “today you will write.”

This is odd since I set schedules for nearly everything else in life. Time accountability is huge for me. Scheduling my day, on paper or in my head is utterly important.

I realized I even have a schedule when I am not aware I have a schedule.

As you can see in my photo I checked off each item until I just got beyond tired (at the end of the day). But mind you I was keeping time that we stayed on schedule. I had no say to move on if time was up, but I sure was aware if we were over or under the time for each.

Back to writing schedules.

It is important for me to have time to write, but to make it so structured doesn’t work for me. Maybe because everything else in my life is so structured that, much like the creative process, writing can’t be scheduled.

I am appreciative for schedules!

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