Appreciation Monday

Fall in Arizona feels more like the summers I grew up with in California and Washington. And winter feels more like the fall I knew as a child.

It is nice to put on a cozy sweater. Pull out the fuzzy socks, and put on gloves in the morning (even if they don’t ever keep my fingers warm). Cold air feels weird when it arrives after a long 110 degree summer.

As a bonus, fall means the dogs are NOT trying to stay cool on the tile floor, thus NOT sprawled out in the middle of the night, causing me to NOT trip over them.

I am appreciative for the crisp air, soft socks, and warm sweaters.





  1. Here in Arizona, if it wasn’t for our frosty mornings, we wouldn’t know it was fall or winter. But I agree there is a change in the air, many trees do loose leaves, and we need a coat. Glad you’re not tripping over dogs (and neither am I). Have Happy and Tasty Thanksgiving Day!

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