Appreciation Monday, Memories

Appreciation Monday

June 20, 1992

Every once in a while two of my favorite and most wonderfully warm teachers from school pop into my mind. I looked up to my female teachers a lot when I was young, I connected with them as I was not happy with my home life situation. While I have all but forgotten most of my teacher’s names and their horrible comments that spewed from their lips, two remain.

Pat Morgan and Valerie Vanderport

Mrs. Morgan taught me how to cross-stitch. She formed an after school club at our middle school. We met once a week during the early spring. The club was not popular amongst others but I sure loved it! She was also a very firm but fair teacher. And she was a great sport on April Fool’s Day too.

Mrs. Vanderport was a teacher I had in elementary school. She was so positive and kind towards me. She sent me a postcard once during summer break from Wisconsin. (Yep I still have it, that’s the front of it in the picture).

I am appreciative to have had two outstanding teachers that not only worked with me as I struggled in class, but also went far beyond the role of a teacher. Great memories.


8 thoughts on “Appreciation Monday”

  1. So true, i still remember most of the names of a my elementary school teachers. One in particular was extraordinary. I was then a good student and really enjoyed school. I have fond memories of this wonderful period of my life. Lovely postcard, that seem to be a bit torn by age, precious. Wisconsin, America”s Dairyland,Muuhhh!


  2. Thank you for sharing your utterly delightful memories that turn my mind to my school days and teachers that made a difference in my life. Two in particular that gently steered me towards my writing career. Love the cows!


    1. Thank you Lynn for your kind words. Funny as my mind was far from every being a writer, I believe my teachers were focused on pushing me towards positivity, which I guess helps us writers. How lovely for your teachers to see that you were a writer at a young age.


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