Appreciation Monday

Final Appreciation Monday

This will be the final appreciation Monday blog post. For the entire 2014 year I shared something I was appreciative for each Monday. It was much easier than I thought. When I started I was not sure if I would be able to complete it for the entire year!

In my final post of the 2014 year I am appreciative for a great year. It didn’t start out great, the first few months were full of challenges I never expected. 2014 was a “soul searching year.” One that is not over.

I grew to understand myself in ways I am grateful for. I closed a much needed chapter of my life and purchased a home of my own. I cried a lot!!! (I know I shouldn’t admit that). But I smiled a lot and started to have days that I felt happy and blessed. I never had that before, that feeling in my heart that lasted more than an hour. In 2014 I started to feel it day after day (and still do). I had a picture book release, took a trip, pushed myself through more Master’s degree classes, wrote stories, sold stories, met new friends, learned to protect myself, reaffirmed that I don’t like gross stuff by fainting, read books, laughed, baked and cooked new recipes, and bought a lot of wine.

From a far I might look like a busy and tough cookie. I don’t think I am without the support of a very special person in my life. For that, I am most appreciative. And for what is to come in 2015…I hope to top 2014!!

Happy New Year all!!! Catch you in 2015.


5 thoughts on “Final Appreciation Monday”

  1. I think you are ending 2014 on a brave note by revealing a bit of your soul. From the tiny amount I know of you from meeting you at SCBWI AZ’s WTOH conference, you are a wonderful writer, blogger, and friend to your friends. Oh, did I mention a dog lover to boot! Best to you in 2015! 🙂

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  2. You are a tough cookie. You have the heart and drive to accomplish anything you set out to do. You are an amazing person and I am very glad to know you and call you friend.


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