Digging Deep

2012-07-07 05.46.08Once in a while I dig a slight depth into personal thoughts and feelings on here. This will be one of those times.

My day job has me meeting with individuals that most often need a hands on level of care to function in their daily lives.
I’m not a stranger to what this life looks like. As a child my time spent with my mom involved caregivers and near the end, nursing facilities.
My skin is not necessarily thicker with an early introduction to individuals on a quicker path to death than most of us.
I’ve seen a lot of cancer patients, old age, amputees, and dementia patients. I’ve seen complainers and the gamut of behavioral health affected people. I’ve seen young and old, and in-between. And people have passed.
Each individual I meet has a story, each family member has a strength and a weakness within these stories. Each outcome of these cases cause a pause in my life. A breath. A thought to ponder. At times a tear for how quick and unforgiving life can be.


  1. Remember to just because a person wears a smile does not mean they are not crying inside. Each person definitely carries all kinds of stories. Some happy some sad.

  2. Deep indeed. My Mom is currently in a nursing care center after being released from the hospital. It’s somewhat a sad environment, but amidst that, she and others are growing stronger due to occupational and physical therapy. She should be released next week. My pastor often taught us, “Be nice to everyone you meet, because everyone is fighting a battle.” That stuck with me because it’s true.

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