Spread Your Like, Not Your Love

Tis the season for love with Valentine’s Day in a few days.

I’ve learned over the years that love can be complex, simple, heart-warming and heart-breaking.

What I’ve also learned is that love looks different. It does not fit in a box like so many of us might think. At least it shouldn’t. Each person’s love should look different and be unique. Last Valentine’s Day I spoke about loving yourself.

This time I want to bring up how misused love can be. We are instructed as children to love one another, love your neighbor. This is misleading.

Love should be guarded and given to a special few. It does not need to be restricted to family and it does not need to be family.

Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars) said it best, “Forget what we’re told.” (This song takes my breath away every time I hear it).

Go and like all the people you wish. Like the heck out of them! But don’t love them. Love is powerful, deep…wordless.

“Those three words”
“Are said too much”
“There not enough”
(Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol)
Love is not like, it is not lust. It is not easily gifted. You are supposed to guard your heart…guard your love.

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