Ruth Clampett ~ Author Interview

Mr365I’m excited to introduce Ruth Clampett to my blog. I first discovered Ms. Clampett on Goodreads, and read Mr. 365. The book was such a delight! I soon scooped up Animate Me. Shortly afterwards she released Work of Art (Book 1). I am a forever fan of her books. I hope my readers not only enjoy the interview, but check out her books. The final book in the Work of Art series releases today!!

Your first two books (Mr. 365 and Animate Me) were stand alone novels, what made you decide to do a trilogy for Work of Art?AM

First of all Savannah, thanks so much for having me on your blog! Your first question makes me smile. Actually I wrote Work of Art before Mr. 365 and Animate Me but when I decided to publish the thought of starting with a trilogy was just too overwhelming. Plus I was anxious to get my books out and I knew the Work of Art editing would take a year so, I decided to publish Animate Me. It was a fun decision because I figured it was a unique story for a new writer to put out.

Book 1Your books are erotically written. Was it a challenge to write this way when you first started? Were you worried about what family or friends would think of the steamy sex scenes?

When a story develops in my head, the characters become very real to me. So if two characters are in love or have steamy chemistry, it is a given that there will be sex and it’s always easy for me to imagine. What I find difficult is the mechanics of writing a sex scene. It can easily sound too technical. I think a hot sex scene is really hard to do well but when you do people really appreciate it.

As for family and friends, at first I was horrified at what they would think of my steamy writing! I don’t use a pen name so it’s common knowledge in my world that I write sexy romance. At some point I just decided to not worry about what other people think. This is what I like to read and write, and this is what I enjoy.Book 2

Your late father was a legendary animator (Bob Clampett), what has he inspired within your writing career?

Dad loved all creative expression and he always encouraged us to try anything we were interested in. We didn’t have to stick with one medium. I’ve always loved writing but I had made my career in photography and design. Once I started getting my books out I thought how much Dad would love that I’m doing this. Without taking creative risks you can’t find all your possibilities and writing has brought me great joy.

How has your career as fine art publisher for Warner Bros. helped with your writing?

Book 3My career taught me to be professional and to avoid social drama…to keep the focus on the work. I pride myself on having really good relationships and I also know how to be a strong team player and it takes a team to bring a book to market. I want everything I do, from the writing to the promotion, to be the best of my ability.

Your fans, me included, want to know if you have another book in the works for release soon?

Thanks for asking! I’ve written almost a third of my next book, which is a stand alone, so it won’t come out soon but I hope to have it done by fall. It’s such a fun story to write because it’s the male’s point of view, and it’s sexy and funny, but heartfelt too. I’m hopeful that it’s something my readers will enjoy. Thanks again Savannah for welcoming me on your blog and asking such great questions!

Check out Ruth’s Amazon page and search her on Barnes and Noble.

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