How GREAT is This!?

As a social worker by day (writing wizard of imagination by night) I’ve seen and heard stories of varying health problems. Medical diagnosis that break a family apart or bind them together. Nothing is ever a happy story, only bad. Yet when I heard about the local branch of The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and what they were doing I was warmed with happiness. TCTC of America in Goodyear, Arizona has a cafeteria that gets their vegetables from their backyard. That’s right! Directly behind the hospital is farmland where Hope Springs Organic Farm grows veggies (organic) year around, which are used in the hospital’s cafeteria. (The leftovers go to local farmers markets.) Not only that, but some patients participate in planting seeds in the field as part of their therapy. TCTC in Goodyear is not alone. Long Island’s Stony Brook University Hospital and Michigan’s St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Hospital also have farms on their properties.

And don’t laugh at planting therapy happening at the TCTC. I have heard first hand from people I meet with that their pills don’t work, or have horrible side effects, and that therapy was what was working. Yet many therapies are only covered for 10-15 sessions by personal insurance. I recently saw The MELT Method exercises to help those with chronic pain. It is nice to see the shift away from medication to other approaches to heal and help.



  1. Very cool. It’s always bothered me that the first choice we’re often given is a pill when a simple dietary change would fix the problem better. Nothing wrong with modern medicine except when it’s used as a replacement for a longer term, healthier fix.

  2. How fantastic! The healing properties in food were put on Earth by God Himself. I’m glad that organic food has grown in popularity for even more of a healing boost. Do you eat organic, Savannah? I have for 20 years to help with my health ailments.

    • I started eating organic for a good deal of my veggies and fruits when possible. I’ve been doing so since my dx of IC and it has helped. I would say that organic growing and becoming popular has helped lower the prices which makes it easier. I have been trying to get more and more organic balanced for about the last two years…so not as long as you haha

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