When Your Writing Sucks

I saw a call for submission for a children’s magazine the other day. I read through their theme list and immediately thought of a story I could submit. I started to prepare the submission cover letter, excited, because young children’s magazine markets have been dwindling over the years.

I opened up my story to check it over before I submitted it.  As I was reading through I changed this and that and about two pages in, I stopped.

WHAT CRAP IS THIS!?!?!?! I thought.

My story was horrible! It had good structure and a strong idea, but overall it needed a lot more work that a few edits would cover!

Thank goodness I know when my work sucks, and for knowing I can fix it and make it better.  I have learned this through writing, reading and the other facets of a writer’s life. Taking time to absorb things outside of your story can help more than we might realize.



  1. You know you are not alone, Savannah! If every writer is honest, they will know that is one of their manuscripts as well. This is the reason it’s so important to put aside a story for an amount of time and come back to it. Well done! 🙂

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